Evert Panis

1940 - 2014 the Netherlands

Evert Panis drew on canvas in his own style. He translated reality into graphic patterns. He worked things out through consistent use of his own formed imagery. It is strongly reminiscent of minimal art.

Evert Panis - COPYRIGHT Bert Schoonhoven

Since 1993, Panis worked in the Atelier of Cordaan, where he spent three days a week. When asked what he was making, he answered: ‘’ I am now making a flower I saw in a magazine, that’s what I’m working on.’’ He drew from what he saw in magazines and books, but always gave each drawing his own interpretation. At the beginning of his career he had trouble distancing himself from his work. Slowly but surely, he grew accustomed to the increasing interest and demand for his work and he could easier agree to the sale.

© Portrait: Bert Schoonhoven